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A lackluster life sports ecosystem and a closed, centralized system

Currently, there are no specialized platform for many sports participants.
They can not help but participate at a small scale. In addition, the current sports platform
has not been activated due to lack of publicity in a centralized system.

As the living standards and leisure time increases, the number of participants in sports
activities increases year by year, but the current life sports ecosystem is still insufficient.

  • The absence of a professional sports platform and a decentralized sports community


    Because there are no sports professional platform, many participants can only in small-scale activities that are limited to certain sports.

  • A centralized, closed platform


    - Lack of infrastructure for sports instructors
    - Lack of system related participants who want to learn the right sport
    - Closed operation and lack of publicity

  • Poor life sports ecosystem


    Participants in daily sports activities are increasing every year, but the ecosystems are not enough and related markets are not activated.



ATACLUBS's Sponomics Realization Strategy

  • Integrated social sports community (team / league composition for group activities

    In the integrated sports community, participants can share sports information, produce content, and communicate in all sports events.
    Provides team and league configuration and management for group activities to enable sports-optimized services such as member management, statistical management, scheduling, holistic management, and accounting management.
    All participants in platform activities can receive incentives for activities.

  • Support and management of life sports instructor to revitalize sports education market

    A service that connects professional sports or professional sports, life sports instructors and participants who want to learn sports,
    Management of life sports instructor, participating member and student management system to form a healthy sports education market and create jobs in sports instructor.
    Provide a compensation system to excellent leaders and members to create an ecosystem of the sports education market.

  • Participating Sports Platform Services

    URS (User Radar System) is installed to provide location-based information and reservations of all sports participants and sports facilities in real time for use in sports activities.
    Supports sports activities by providing participant information, a timer, a score, and a record of wearable information in offline sports activities.

  • Sports Management/Agent

    The ATACLUB platform serves as a diverse channel for professional sports in youth and amateur players.
    Sports Adviser's player rating, funding through crowdfunding, role as sports manager / agent

  • Global Commerce, Ads/Marketing Platform

    Activation of global life sports market by providing global sports commerce
    Provides optimized customized advertising / marketing system that combines publicity and big data

  • Life sports data management and health care

    Ability to record / archive sports data of platform participants
    Record sports data and sports data intended for health management. Data provides services to participants in conjunction with the healthcare industry.



Symbol ATA
Total supply 8,000,000,000
Token sales 3,200,000,000
Acceptable Currencies BTC, ETH
Hard Cap(USD) $ 30,000,000
Soft Cap(USD) $ 10,000,000




- TEAM -

  • Chayong Lee


    - EcoOrganic Korea CEO
    - Awarded Korea Talent Sharing Prize
    - Vice chairman of Association of Creation Managers
    - Talented Sharing Contribution Prize
    - Commended by the National Health and Welfare Community

  • Sungjun Park


    - Information Engineering Major
    - Sungkyunkwan University Doctorate
    - Dongguk University Blockchain Research Center Administrator
    - International Standard Code Algorithm Seed Development Director
    - Secured Blockchain Original Technology

  • Okyeong Lim

    Sports Business Developer

    - Korea Athlete Association Director
    - Korea Olympic Committee/Athletic rights committee Congresswoman
    - korea National Team Association Secretary General
    - 1996 World Best Handball Player
    - 1992 Olympic Gold Medalist

  • Youngsook Park

    Global Network Director

    - Head of Millenium Project Korea
    - SingularityNET representative of Korea
    - Insilico korea CEO
    - Swytch Token Korean branch
    - Momentum Token Korean branch

  • Wonsuk Choi

    Sports Marketing Developer

    - THEQUERY Marketing Founder
    - Department of Business Administration, State University of NY
    - Seoul International University

  • Youngjong Ju


    - Teradesign Founder
    - Digital Design Major

  • Yongjun Jung

    Sports Business director

    - Prof. Hyundai Economic Research Institute
    - Outside Director Daelimpaper Corp.
    - Korea Sports Choir General Director
    - Physical Fitness Academy Prof. National Sports Promotion Foundation
    - Federation of Korean Disabled Persons Nordicsky Director

  • Yongseop Lee

    Blockchain Director

    - AndUs Co.,Ltd CTO
    - Developed Deb-Consensus Algorithm
    - Vietnam EcoG9 ICO Project PM
    - Korea Electric Power Blockchain Based Project PM

  • Gyeongrak Hwang

    Blockchain R&D Manager

    AndUS Co,.Ltd Specialist for Information Security Developed Deb-consensus Algorithm Former Securecorp Co., Ltd Senior Researcher

  • Seung Choi

    Technology Director

    - AndUs Co.,Ltd CTO Research Lab Manager
    - Developed AndUsChain Mainnet
    - PM Blockchain Original Technology Education (Sejong Telecom)

  • Christine

    Sports Commerce Director

    - Ewha Womans University Graduate
    - Louis Vuitton Buying Merchandising & management
    - Custo Barcelona, Dunhill, Baby Dior Buying Merchandising

  • Jinseon Yang

    Sports Commerce Director

    - CJ Homeshopping Planing Team
    - Lotte Homeshoppomg Strategic Planning Team Director
    - JWKOREA Founder

  • Daesoo Kim

    Sports Business Strategy Director

    - Best BYD Trader Corp. CEO
    - 2002 FIFA WORLD CUP joint representative of the License Union
    - Kolon planning office
    - graduate of Kyung Hee University
    - Seoul Mayor’s Award


  • Kookhyun Jeong


    - Korea National Sport University Professor
    - National Team Association TaeKwondo Foundation of Promotion Security General
    - 88 Seoul Olympic Taekwondo Welterweight Gold Medalist

  • Junggu chang

    Sports Center Director

    - International Boxing Hall of Fame
    - 88 WBC Lightweight 15 Defences

  • Jaeyeop Kim


    - Dong Seoul University Guard Sport Professor
    - National Team Association Vice-President
    - 88 Seoul Olympic Judo 60kg Gold Medalist

  • Sangho Kim


    - 98 Bangkok Asian Games Member of National team
    - 95 Korea-Japan Joint Billiard Victory
    - 99 World International 3-cushion Championship Third Place

  • Minsoo Kim

    Pro/Judo&Mixed maertial arts

    - Barun sports(Buysell golf CEO)
    - 26th Atlanta Olympics Judo Silver Medalist - 2nd East Asian Games Judo Gold Medalist - Iran Open National Judo Gold Medalist

  • Soowan Lee


    - Law Firm of Insight

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